Start from the front row.

If as a newcomer you want to make a name for yourself in the market, you should get off to a good start. This includes an authentic brand that the crowd can embrace from the beginning. Find your unique identity and develop your brand with our professional support to get right on the road to success.

When is brand development with SBD the right choice for you?

When you’ve got a new business idea.
When you’re founding a new organisation.
When you want to spin off a part of your organisation.

How can you develop your brand with SBD?

With our brand development service package, we’ve created an offering specifically for clients introducing a new organisation or product to the market. You can choose between the whole package and a custom program that we’ll compile from the individual services listed here:

Brand workshop

In our brand workshop we’ll get to know each other and define, among other things, the five ‘P’s of your offering:

Product: What are your products (like)?
Place: Where and how do you sell?
Positioning: What does your brand stand for?
Price: What is your pricing policy?
Promotion: Where and how do you advertise?

Moreover, we’ll identify your target audiences and compare you to your competitors. We’ll record these and other workshop results in an extensive documentation.


We’ll create a common understanding of your organisation and/or product and identify potential differentiators and important similarities to your competitors. Thereby we’ll lay the foundation for developing your brand strategy.

Brand compass

The brand compass is an analytical tool that illustrates your brand’s identity based on the workshop results. Therein we’ll summarise the brand essence in a short, incisive statement and describe the brand core values as well as individual characteristics derived from them.


We’ll draw an authentic image of your brand grounded in reality that provides the target for brand management. From now on, all branding measures will conform with at least one and contradict none of the core values defined in the brand compass and therefore convey a consistent overall impression.

Brand architecture

If your brand is part of a brand family, we’ll answer questions such as:

Are the individual brands treated equally or hierarchically?
Do the individual brands always represent the same or different identities?
Does the umbrella brand dominate or remain in the background?


We’ll develop an architectural system that fits your brand constellation and defines the relations between the individual brands.

Guiding principles (vision & mission)

Guiding principles are your overarching values and goals in a nutshell. Typically, there are two guiding principles: The vision describes what you as an organisation want to achieve in the long term. The mission specifies what you need to do in the short term to get closer to your vision. Before we formulate your guiding principles, we’ll gain a comprehensive impression of the various motivations of your employees in a joint workshop in order to appropriately take all interest groups into account.


We’ll formulate authentic guiding principles based on your brand identity that motivate your employees for your common goals. This will help your organisation remain on track and strengthen your brand from within.


If not yet existing, we’ll develop a suitable brand name or naming system together.


You’ll receive a sustainable naming concept that fits the identity of your brand and leaves room for its future evolution.

Claim, slogan, tagline

If required, we’ll develop one or more brand messages for you. Depending on how these messages are used, they can come in different shapes – from classic advertising slogans to smart brand claims to ubiquitous taglines.


The message(s) will be applied systematically across all channels and shape your brand’s image according to its determined identity.


Even though the logo is the central design element, it can never contain the brand’s entire identity. Instead, we’ll design your logo as a simple and versatile distinctive mark and define guidelines for its effective utilisation in various contexts.


Your logo will be consistent with your brand’s essence, prompt the right associations in a fraction of a second and offer the greatest possible recognition value.

Colours, typography, imagery, morphology

In fleshing out your brand design, instead of individual colours, fonts, images, and forms, we’ll always look at the overall impression resulting from their combination. This is where the design principles and visual elements that are to characterise your brand in the future will emerge.


You’ll receive memorable design elements whose interplay reflects your brand’s identity precisely, as well as specific guidelines for their application.

Text & tonality

With brand voice or corporate language guidelines we’ll characterise your brand’s unique tonality based on its core values. They define who says what how when why to whom whenever your brand “talks”.


You’ll enable different authors to create consistently styled texts in your brand’s name. This is how you’ll present yourself convincingly not just visually but also with your content.


Depending on your requirements, we may document your new brand design in a traditional manual, an interactive brand portal or a premium-quality brand book that offers not just functional but also emotional benefits. In addition, we’ll be happy to offer you our lead agency services to implement your brand identity sustainably.

Learn more about brand management with SBD here.


Binding guidelines will make it as easy as possible for you and your service providers to create compliant designs for your brand.


Once we’ve defined your brand design, we’ll typically create the first media content right away, from press releases to ad campaigns to entire online presences.

Learn more about brand communications with SBD here.


Your new brand design will pass its first test with compliant media content.

What is SBD’s brand development process?

We’ll develop your brand together in multiple stages, each of which constitutes a self-contained, iterative process. You’ll have ample opportunity in each stage to give feedback and approve the transition to the next stage.

We’ll be happy to make you a tailored offer for developing your new brand.

I’m looking forward to talking to you!

Boris Schmelter

Boris Schmelter
Management, Creative Direction
Tel: +49 89 – 512 662-34

Why should you develop your brand with SBD?

You’ll receive a complete brand design from strategy to design to text.
You’ll present yourself convincingly from the start and gain market shares faster.
You’ll base your brand communications on a sustainable strategic foundation.