An idea becomes reality.

At the beginning of our collaboration, planu was just an idea. Everything else we developed together, from positioning to the brand identity and name to the user journey.

Brand compass

In documenting the brand identity in the brand compass, we factored in the company history and the founders’ personalities as well as the future positioning and tone of voice. Notably, there were no competitors in the usual sense from which the brand had to be set apart. Therefore, we enjoyed great creative freedoms in answering the question of how strong the brand’s digital look and feel should be emphasised relative to the experience and expertise of the professionals behind it.

Naming & claim

In “planu” and Der Plan und du! (“The plan and you!”) we developed a brand name and claim that convey simplicity and likeability. They’re specifically aimed at the target audience of young do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are traditionally open-minded about new technological solutions.

Configurator concept

After we documented the brand identity and developed its basic elements, we conceptualised the user-friendly configurator from scratch including all questions, dependencies, and forms. For this purpose, we implemented a dedicated feedback process in order to closely coordinate our work with the founders.

User journey

Based on the user journey, we defined all processes inside the configurator such as signing in, selecting packages, saving user progress and ordering as well as processing and delivery by planu. In doing so, we focused on content completeness, comprehensive help tools and keeping selection paths as short as possible.