Booth design deluxe.

CJS Europe, a manufacturer of couplers and clamps for the events industry, first presented itself and its inconspicuous products to European audiences with our help.

About CJS

CJS is a Chinese company that has already been making a name for itself in the European events industry for many years. CJS’ high-quality couplers and clamps, which seem inconspicuous at first sight, are indispensable components of stages and fair booths, for the construction of which they’re required in large quantities. By building its European sales department, CJS is laying the foundations for delivering its products even faster to local customers and assisting them on the ground.

Fair booth

On the occasion of the Prolight + Sound event technology fair, CJS Europe commissioned us to design the booth for the new brand’s first public appearance in Germany. The goal was to stand out from the crowd despite the booth’s small footprint and draw attention to the even smaller couplers and clamps. We achieved this by means of dramatically illuminated columns within the otherwise dark booth which presented the silver and black products in the proper light and immediately turned into a viewer magnet. This creative form of presentation resulted in numerous new business contacts.

Booth design

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