An enchanting catalogue.

The product catalogue is the most important tool for TENGLER MATCH to inform business clients about the range of products and individual options. We designed it from scratch and developed it into an “image brochure for matches” with emotional content.


Despite the opportunities provided by digital media, the product catalogue remains TENGLER MATCH’s most important sales tool to this day. The catalogue presents all options for selecting and individually designing matches and matchboxes, from standard items in various colours and forms to special solutions.

However, the catalogue is more than just a product presentation: It tells the story of matches as a fascinating, centuries-old technology that enchants people to this day – as a giveaway or lifestyle product with which companies can make a lasting impression on their customers.

The catalogue is trilingual, which posed a special challenge for the layout. Nonetheless, we managed to design the pages in a way that doesn’t make them feel cluttered and leaves enough room for the product and application examples to be effective.