Stone by stone.

At the end of 2016, Ingolstadt’s first digital business incubator opened its doors at Kavalier Dallwigk, an old fortification. Under the direction of a well-known figure from the German start-up scene, Dr. Franz Glatz, and with the help of prominent partners such as Audi, Continental and HERE, the historical site is being developed continuously for up to 90 founders. We contributed the necessary brand building blocks.


We developed the brand name “brigk” as a combination of the word “brick” (for the historical building’s material substance) and the last two letters of its extraordinary name “Kavalier Dallwigk”. The name also symbolically represents the most important building blocks in the highly digitised start-up scene: pixels, bits and bytes.

A brand name doesn’t need to tell the whole brand story all by itself – that’s what marketing is for. The name should be surprising and memorable. Then it will automatically become a synonym for the story.

Boris Schmelter

Management, Creative Direction


The brigk logo’s distinctive form corresponds to an abstracted, isometrically visualised brick. As the brand’s smallest building block, it can be interpreted creatively in numerous ways, for example for shaping business equipment or as a three-dimensional object for interior decoration.

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Brand design

Diagonal lines and black-and-white design elements with neon accents are brigk’s visual trademarks. They are consistently applied throughout all brigk media to ensure the brand’s high recognition value.

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