We came, we saw, we conquered!
22. November 2019
We came, we saw, we conquered!

Truth be told, we already had a suspicion we wouldn’t come away empty-handed at the German Design Award 2020. What we didn’t see coming, though, is that we’ve received winner’s certificates not for one, not for two, but for all three of our nominated projects! Naturally, we could write a lot more about this, but honestly we feel more like celebrating right now. (Cheers!) So we’ll just leave the floor to the German Design Award jury. Here are their official statements:


Theater Dortmund: Season Booklet

Each of the five booklets contains one division’s program. Formally, the booklets are separated solely by means of various distinctive fonts and dedicated photo series. The layout on the other hand is the same for all of them and unites them under one roof. The design concept is as beautiful as it is aesthetically ambitious, and its premium quality is amplified by the elaborate slipcase.

the winner


KESSEL AG: Corporate Design

The meticulously and holistically crafted brand presence was implemented across all media and touch points and presents the company as modern and up to date in all its facets. The clear, expressive design is made even more indistinguishable by the primary colour violet and thereby emphasises the brand’s identity.

the winner


KESSEL AG: Sustainability Report

The focus on the subject of “Sustainability and Management Systems” is convincingly and believably conveyed in text, images and design, setting the report apart from the crowd. The design is effectively fresh and modern while the content is presented in interesting and engaging ways.

the winner


About the award

The German Design Award directly contributes to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. The highly esteemed, international jury guarantees this. The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene.

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