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Theater Dortmund


Programme 2019/20


Typesetting and Layout
Production planning


Julian Baumann



With more than 500 employees, Theater Dortmund is among Germany’s biggest and most important theatres. As a cultural hotspot in the Ruhr Valley, it offers events across five divisions – Opera, Ballet, Philharmonic Orchestra, Drama and KJT (children and youth theatre) – which are all managed separately. Thanks to its decentralised organisation, the theatre’s diverse cultural programme is among its biggest strengths, contributing to its great popularity in the region and beyond. In 2019, Theater Dortmund will celebrate their 115th anniversary.


In preparation for the 2019/20 season, the task was to design the theatre’s most important publication: the season booklet. Strictly speaking, “booklets” would be a more fitting description by now, as the decision was made not to create a single booklet for all divisions and their programmes, but to dedicate a separate publication to each of them. At the same time, the people in charge were included in the creative process to give “their” booklets an individual touch.

The booklets were differentiated by means of different fonts on the one hand, and dedicated photo series by photographer Julian Baumann on the other. This resulted in a literary collage of strikingly different but visibly related publications, containing not only the division booklets but also an additional booklet on the theatre’s pedagogical work and a plain-style programme overview. The bookshelf-enhancing package is completed by a high-quality protective slipcase in which all booklets can be stored together.


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