Spring Break is here!
14. February 2019
Spring Break is here!

No, the Schmelter family isn’t off for their party holiday – but another class of THI Business School students is! Today marks the end of the ninth semester of valuable insights into the creative industry, which are provided by our creative director Boris to curious business students at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. In two seminars on the topics of design, brands and communication, he speaks as a lecturer from his experience as an agency owner and lets the participants experience good brand design by themselves by means of practical examples.

Among other things, the students learn how art and design are related, which design elements are important for brands, and how agencies work. As a final highlight, they can then create and present their own brand. Not only does this earn them credits for their studies, but also exemplifies how academic theory translates to real-world practice. We aren’t simply being altruistic with this, though – after all, we’re creating a deeper understanding for brand agencies like us among their future clients. One more reason to look forward to the next semester.

Until then: Happy Spring Break!

Photo: Tanja Kernweiss / THI

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